Top 10 Food To Eat in Paris

by Chris Kriag
Paris Food

When we travel to a different part of the world we are definite to try the speciality of that place. So if you happen to land in Paris then there are numerous delicious food to bang on. French food is not just about haute cuisine and fine dining. So you can enjoy some amazing scrumptious food in Paris which would cost you only some euros for a couple. Here’s our top 10 pick to must try on Paris travel.

Steak Frites

It is a simple pair of grilled steak, layered with various options of sauces and chipswhich is taken to a different height by choosing meat carefully and when the potatoes are fresh cut and double fried. So you can choose your cut of beef, sauces be it peppercorn and Bearnaise besides crunching some crispy frites also some side order of squeaky haricots verts.

Steak Frites


Macarons were just an unassuming item until supreme patissier Pierre Herme came up with these small, smooth meringues with a filling of ganache. You will find these French patisserie in several flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and coffee. Macrons are just two-bite delights but they are worth trying.

Macarons paris tours

Lemon Tart

This lip-smacking pastry is the perfect combination of sourness and sweetness besides its topped with candied lemon. So don’t fail to try it, you’re going to surely like it.

Lemon Tart


Just don’t think that you are eating a snail. Garlic butter gives it a perfect taste. While my trip to Paris for the first time I encountered Escargots trust me they were delicious. It is one of the amazing French things that you can’t miss to try. Snails with a blend of classic garlic and butter are divine to every soul.


Foie Gras

For people who have never tasted Foiegraswould like to tell that it is like meat butter. Usually, this smooth, rich meat butter is made of duck liver, and for sure it is a speciality. Once you start having it you will appreciate the shades of flavour and texture.

Foie Gras

A trip to sea: Huitres

If you are a seafood lover then you must try oysters in Paris. Oysters are usually loved by Parisians. You will also find a specific way to eat them, just open the oyster and drop some lemon juice on it and just eat it right from the shell. Try it you will find it delicious.

Oysters in Paris

Scrumptious mussels: Moules

You can count on the perfect combination of Mussels, French fries, and white wine. Some of the best places to enjoy this delicious moulesare Leon de Bruxelles and TaverneKarlsbrau. Just go to any of the restaurants and enjoy mussels.


Steak Tartare

Are you looking out to try some uncommon thing then you must try Steak tartare? Now you will ask what it is? Well, it is beef tenderloin which is chopped into very small pieces pouring in the right seasoning and served raw. This how the French like it. When you visit Paris Tartare is a must.

Steak Tartare in paris

Soupe à l’oignon

In France, this onion soup is very famous. It is cooked with meat (chicken or beef) stock, onions, grated cheese besides served with a large piece of bread. Even if we are talking about a soup but it’s not as light as you think of a soup to be. But trust me you must try it.


A delicious dessert is a must after the main course. In Paris, you can enjoy this lip-smacking desert IIesflottante, which is all time favourite of people here. It is also known as “floating island”. Quite simple yet yummilicious. It is made up of egg white, vanilla extract and sugar and floating crème anglaise.

Ilesflottante paris food

Now, that you are all set to go for Paris tour, besides enjoying the beauty of this place also enjoy some amazing delicacies of Paris.


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Derrious Costen February 15, 2019 - 10:04 am

Great and delicious food list! I am planning to visit Paris in the next month. Being a foodie, this is definitely going to help me try out various foods out there.

Gabriel April 15, 2019 - 7:14 am

I really enjoyed eating the oysters and other sea food during our Paris tour. Also, my first experience of eating Foie Gras is great, I would also recommend to have Steak And Frites, they are delicious.

riya December 5, 2019 - 7:19 am

I’m planning to Paris in feature life. I think this, not healthy food, Lemon Tart is a nice and good testy, this also good testy Soupe à l’oignon


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