Why Is A Garage Door Tune-Up Essential?

by Alina Josephene
Garage Door Tune Up

An aging garage door will become inefficient when in operation. When your garage door malfunctions, it can cause delays, safety hazards, and annoyance. Calling garage door repair technicians to perform tuneup and maintenance can provide you with years of convenient, safe and protected vehicle storage. However, many homeowners allow tune-up to take a backseat because of the expenses that it incurs.  If you have not scheduled maintenance and tune-up yet, here are good reasons to start doing it. 

Tune-up ensures a reliable garage door

Your garage door protects your vehicle and other equipment from burglars. The lack of regular tune-up can cause your garage door to become problematic without warning. Problems can occur in the middle of the night. Without a working garage door, you can be the next potential target of thieves. Aside from posing a threat to your safety, a malfunctioning garage door can also become a source of annoyance if it is making noise when you close or open it. Shrill squeaks or grinding gears are unpleasant. Tune-up allows technicians to check all areas of your garage door. Once technicians detect a problem, it will be immediately addressed to prevent your garage door from endangering anyone at home.

Garage DoorTune-up helps you avoid costly and unexpected repairs

When you make it a point to schedule annual garage maintenance, you can avoid unnecessary repair expenses and make sure that your garage door is working properly all year round. Preventative maintenance jobs like lubricating the moving parts of your garage door can have a positive impact on the overall performance of your door. 

Tune-up provides you with overall convenience

Using a garage door is convenient, but if it is not working properly, you have no choice but to get out of your car to operate it manually even if it is hot or cold outside. Each trip can be a hassle if you have a broken garage door. If you want instant access to your garage door, be sure to keep it well-maintained. 

Tune-up prevents rust

Cables and springs are prone to rust. Once any of these parts becomes rusty, your garage door will eventually fail. You can save time and money on future garage door repairs if you take action now. Consider scheduling an appointment with a technician so any problems with your garage door will be properly addressed. 

Garage Door RepairThe unpleasant consequences of a neglected garage door

Most garage doors are made from materials that are built to last. However, your garage door is exposed to harsh elements every day that makes tune-up and maintenance essential to get all components in working order. A garage door that does not receive regular maintenance will perform poorly. Instead of having a smooth operation, you will end up being inconvenienced by faulty openers. If your garage door undergoes a meticulous inspection, none of these will happen. Another reason to schedule tune-up and maintenance is to prevent worn or broken parts from causing fatal injury or worse, death. A garage door can involuntarily fall and since it is heavy enough to crush an individual, your chance of surviving might be slim. 

What to expect from a garage door tune-up?

A tune-up does more than just inspecting your garage door. Technicians will review your entire garage door, its performance, and parts to find out if there are some underlying issues that cause it to become inefficient. Issues like broken cables, bent door panels, worn springs, and broken hinges will be thoroughly checked. Any of these issues will be resolved right away by replacing them with shiny new parts. Even lost or broken remotes will be replaced so you continue to use your garage door conveniently. If there are complaints or request you have in mind, you can bring them up and the technician will give you the perfect solution. 

A noisy door, malfunctioning remote control, broken spring, or malfunctioning photo eye can be avoided if you make regular tune-up a priority. Your garage door also needs to be well taken care of so you can use it for many years to come. Family Christian Doors has a team of professional technicians to ensure your garage door works well. Enjoy the long-term benefits of your garage door by making sure that it undergoes an annual tune-up.

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