10 Beautiful Proposal Locations

by Chris Kriag
Romantic Proposal

Getting engaged is one of life’s biggest moments and people like to make it a special occasion by the way they carry it out. Some people might want the proposal to be private and behind closed doors but others want to really showcase it. It really does depend on your own personal tastes but crucially, you should consider your partner’s preference also. You don’t want to create a really public proposal if your partner is desperately shy and hates attention. Carefully consider what you think they will like and build the proposal around those elements. It’s not about setting up a proposal that you know you will adore; it’s about setting it up to be a memorable and pleasant experience for you both. Making it memorable can mean how you set the scene for the proposal, but it can also refer to the location that you choose.

The location can be somewhere that means something to you both; it might be the place you guys had your first date; it could be a favorite spot that you regularly visit or it could be a totally new location entirely. Sometimes people pop the question when they’re on vacation but where should you choose to do this? There are so many global spots that would be the ideal place to get down on one knee so it’s important to do your research on that in advance. When it’s abroad, you might need to enlist the help or assistance of someone locally but that is easily done through the cooperation of a hotel concierge who can likely help with the organization of the incidental elements.

Check out this interactive StoryMap below that charts some stunning proposal locations throughout the world. Maybe it will provide you with some inspiration for your own proposal…?

Romantic Places To Propose

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