The Importance Of Home Décor Bathroom Lighting

by Alina Josephene

Lighting a bathroom is something that is often overlooked when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Not only are bathrooms notoriously prone to shadows and reflective surfaces they are often smaller spaces,  making it difficult to get the right light.

There are many different types of lighting that can be used in a bathroom from LED downlights, pendant lights, sconce lights, and skylights. Dependent on the size and ambiance you want in your bathroom will depend on the lights you choose.  To install efficient bathroom lighting, call qualified professionals such as electrician. Take a look at these suggestions if you are planning a remodel soon:

1. LED Lighting System

Install LED light towards downward direction as it will spread a lot of light in your bathroom. The downward LED lights help in creating shadows on your face. So, the best way to take advantage of this is to place them between yourself and the mirror, rather than behind you. Make sure that light is properly angled onto the mirror and reflect the optimum amount of light on your face. This downlight also illuminates the corner of your room.

2. Pendant Lights

These lighting systems add warmth to your bathroom. These lights create a soft and cozy environment so that you can take a bath comfortably. You should pay more attention to the height of pendants. If you hang these too low then will not throw an optimum amount of light on your face. If you hang these lights too high then they will not look great at your place. If you want to take bath in dim light then you may also want dimmer switch easily accessible to you. A dimmer switch will let you easily create the ideal atmosphere. If your any bathroom lighting fixture does not operate efficiently then call a professional electrician in you are like emergency electrician Sydney.

3. Lighting Sconces

Bathroom LightingThis type of light is often used to highlight a feature or can be placed on either side of a mirror. The lighting sconces are not capable to create a huge array of light but it is an optimum choice for bathrooms. These are available on different colors and styles. Only renowned and experienced professionals can install bathroom lighting. Thus, only call experienced one like Level 2 electrician Sydney.

4. Natural Light

Apart from using electrical light sources, you can maximize the natural light coming in from your bathroom window and skylights. Using light-colored blinds on your windows or translucent curtains is a smart way to allow sunlight to enter your bathroom, and is also a very energy-efficient form of bathroom lighting. It also provides ventilation and energy-efficient solution to make your bathroom bright. But make sure that daylight should enter the bathroom without compromising the privacy.  They are not always practical for some bathrooms but it is worth talking to your builder to see if it is an option.

5. Install Good Lighting Around Mirror

Whether you choose to go for an illuminated mirror, such as backlit LED mirror, or the light above the mirror these are both a great addition to any bathroom. They provide the perfect light for applying makeup or having a shave. It is not just difficult but annoying as well to put on your makeup without adequate lighting in your bathroom. You should install amazing LED backlit mirrors for proper illumination. These lights are incorporated with a touch button to turn ON/OFF the lights.  Also, these lights are fixed with demister pad so that they won’t mist.

6. Focal Lights

The central lighting fixture in your bathroom. Install a mini chandelier or a fluted focal light in the middle of the ceiling to create a luxurious and soothing look in your bathroom. Investing in a good quality focal light makes a lot of sense in a bathroom as it provides even lighting and illuminates dark corners conveniently. If you want to install then take help of professionals like licensed electrician Sydney.

Luxury Bathroom7. Recessed Lights

Recessed lights add a touch of elegance and depth to bathrooms. These lights are installed into the ceiling and walls which creates more space and height with their diffused lights. Recessed lights also look great when they are installed in a series of rows on the ceilings and walls, around the mirrors as well as the bathtub and shower area.

8. Up Lights

Up lights create a lovely atmosphere in bathrooms as they help in adding more focus to particular areas in the room, such as artwork, plants or a water feature. These lights not just create optimum illumination but also highlight important areas and make your bathroom look luxurious and classy as well.

Final words

Lighting is always important no matter what room it is in, so put some time and effort into what type is best for your home and remember to discuss the different options with your renovation team as they have years of experience and have the knowledge to help!

This is the guest post contributed by Hudson.

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