Top Reason why IPL is Better Than Other Leagues for Cricket Fans!

by LifeBun
IPL Lifebun

IPL[ Indian Premier League] came into existence in 2008 and before that, the concept was not there in the history of cricket. There was no concept of a franchise-based league in cricket before the IPL. Although some T20 tournaments were being played earlier than this, the concept of an individual owning the cricket team was alien before the coming of IPL. Today, IPL cricket is among the sought-after tournaments. 

Although owning the franchise in other sports was prevalent before the concept of IPL, the auctioning of the top cricket players under the platform became a new concept after its inception. With time, IPL was ahead of the competition compared to other T20 leagues. As of today, the Indian premier league is way ahead in competition compared to other T20 leagues.

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