Struggling To Fight Insomnia? We Bring You the Top 5 Food for Natural Cure

by Rachel

Hello everyone, So many people across the globe are suffering from various sleep issues. Sleep concerns can affect a person’s physical and mental health in a major way. A good night sleep is not only an important factor for a productive performance at work but also plays a very big part in the person’s emotional and mental health well-being. Most of the times you might give a lesser importance to alignments like sleep deprivation but this single problem can grow into a major health issue over a period of time.

Our body’s natural sleep regulation is based upon various hormonal factors. People relate insomnia with the various factors like stress, diet and overthinking. However, these factors also play a huge part in sleep regulation in human body, but the most important factor depends upon the sleep- inducing hormone melatonin. Many people might be unaware about this hormone and the amount of importance it holds for the day to day regulation of sleep cycle.

Melatonin is the naturally occurring hormone which gets produced in pineal gland that is located in the center of the brain. Melatonin itself is not the only hormone which increases sleepiness. It basically controls the circadian rhythm in humans. Circadian rhythm is like the natural clock in human brain which sends signals indicating sleep/wake cycle of body. When our body’s natural melatonin is at its peak we might feel sleepy, and when the natural level drop down we may feel more alert and awake. In this way melatonin primarily controls sleep/wake signals of our brain which control the sleepiness.

To promote a good sleep some professional therapists suggest melatonin pills and supplements. Even though melatonin pills are the straight source of getting it we also do have some natural foods and supplements which are abundant in this hormone. There are also further sleep inducing compounds that promote calmness and tranquility for better sleep quality. Some of those foods are not actually consist of melatonin but they do consist of precursors which help to increase this hormone. In today’s article we are going to disclose those natural supplements and foods.

Top 5 foods that help to fight insomnia:

1. Honey:

Honey for insomnia

Honey is a naturally occurring ingredient that contains the powerhouse of many essential amino acids and vitamins. One of its main source through which it delivers the optimum melatonin is a tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid and precursor for the uptake of melatonin. Honey usually creates a small spike in blood glucose levels after the consumption. Tryptophan has the ability to convert itself into the melatonin when the surrounding turns darker and the produced melatonin not only helps your brain to promote sleepiness and also controls the increased blood glucose levels. Honey is also one of the most abundant sources of essential vitamins and nutrients. So, if you’re having trouble falling asleep, consume one or half tablespoon of honey half n hour before going to the bed.

2. Kiwis:

Kiwi - insomnia tips

Kiwis are one of those fruits which can alter your sleep levels and its quality. Kiwis are the abundant source of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin works as a neurotransmitter for brain while dopamine controls the regulation of mood. Both of these play an essential part for the proper relaxation and calmer state of mind which further assist in good sleep quality. Hormone like serotonin and dopamine are also majorly responsible for curing depression, anxiety, mood swings and many other mental health conditions.

3. Bananas:

Banana to fight insomnia

Bananas is the most affordable fruit which is again a high source of magnesium and potassium. Abundant with tryptophan bananas play a prime role for the increase in melatonin. Magnesium and potassium both these function as muscle relaxants, magnesium helps brain to feel sleepiness by assisting the process of GABA, while potassium is very much useful in treating disorders like restless movement syndrome.

4. Barley grass powder:

Barley grass powder - insomnia

Barley is the type of grain which consists the naturally occurring melatonin form as well as its precursor such as tryptophan. It is also loaded with many insomnia fighting compounds that promote greater relaxation and sleepiness. Barley grass can be added in the diet by array of ways like for salad dressing, soups, juice. Barley grass also assists in sleep due to its naturally high levels of Vitamin b, GABA and Folate. Folate (folic acid) is another vitamin which is known as Vitamin b9. Folate deficiency could be one of the factors for problems like anemia and insomnia.

5. Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea for insomnia

Chamomile is the most traditional and classic remedy to achieve a state of tranquil for proper quality of sleep which has been used from many years. Chamomile is commonly considered as a tranquilizer and mood enhancer. According to experiments chamomile has mild sedative qualities. Apigenin is the most potent antioxidant present in the chamomile which is responsible for its cortisol lowering effects, anti- anxiety and anti- inflammation properties, as we all know these things hold utmost importance when considering body’s natural sleep quality and mental health.

These were our top 5 picks for fighting insomnia by natural consumption, you can introduce these foods in your daily diet after consulting a health professional to avoid unwanted effects. Insomnia is one of the most common problem which is increasing more and more now. One can easily cure and control insomnia in a natural way but if symptoms increase, consulting a professional therapist is always recommended.

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