Top 10 Best Bun Hairstyles To Try In 2019

by Rachel
French Braid Bun Waterfall

A person’s appearance makes an impression to others according to the style of clothing, talking, smiling and most probably hair styling. Not only in regular, occasionally having wonderful bun hairstyles offer good look to the women. Especially, attending parties with astonishing appearance gives immense pleasure to anybody.

Hairstyle Makes You Look Astonishing!

astonishing hairstyle

Special hairstyles besides wearing attractive attires, shoe wear, and jewelry present eye-catching effect. This leads to self-appraisal that is felt with being center of attraction. It depends on the personal interest to select which style is chosen according to the situation. It is not too hard to make graceful hairstyles like Bun which is elegant to look attractive in routine or for a party. Here are some hairstyles to try for looking awesome.

Double Bun Style

double hair bun

Two mini buns on the top of the head look awesome and it is very cozy to wear it in normal days. It makes the person look younger and active. It is a very popular hairstyle which is also called space buns. Half-up space buns and braided space buns are two different variations in this style.

For making this, first of all, the hair should be combed very well without any tangles. Using a rat-tail comb, make a middle line departing the hair in the center to create two parts of it from front to back of the head.

Create two pigtails according to your choice, whether high on the head or low in the sides of the nape. Hair bands can be used to tie both tails.

Loosen the hair of two ties with teasing them to look huge volume and larger. Twist a tail to make a rope and make it tight. Take it upon the head and make a circle as a coil. Tie with a hair band and bobby pins to make them secure. Do this for both ties. And use hairspray.

Fabric Bun Style

Wrapping bun along with a scarf looks awesome.  You must take a scarf in a color that is suitable for your dress. Comb your hair; make a lower ponytail on your head. Take an attractive scarf and tie it around the pone keeping two halves left. Twist and roll the pony and scarf together. Wrap it on the head making a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun around the tied tail.

French Braid Bun Waterfall

Bun Hairstyle

Comb your hair without tangles or knots. Make a center line and comb well to make braid from the right top portion. Start forming braid gathering three different sections of hairs. Make it gently downward adding hairs from both sides and take it to the left side of the head. Repeat adding hair and make the cross section for getting this.

Easy knot updo Bun

easy Knot bun

It adds elegant look on all types of western dresses. Adding serum gel enhances the appearance of the hair. Create a section from the top of the head towards the right eye. Split the hair into two sections. Take the first section and make two knots. Add another section to it to make knots. Continue this by taking different sections of hair slowly moving towards left ear. Twist the braid back to the other end tie it tightly with the help of pins.

Messy Braids and Wrap Style

Messy Braids and Wrap Style

Pull front sections to separate from the top to ears both sides of the head.  Tie the remaining back portion of hairs keeping them messy with a band. Put some bobby pins far from scalp into the messy hairs forming a bun. Make braids from front two sections towards the back side bun. Turn around the bun and place bobby pins to make it fit.

Simple Donut

Donut Bun

First of all, make a ponytail. Pull hair to make a donut, separate all hair after applying oil or dry shampoo. Separate the hair in two sections. Take one section and wrap it around the band tied to the pony. Repeat it with another section in the opposite way. Place bobby pin after the bun is created.

Layered Bun Style

Make hair into three sections from front to back side. Create a ponytail in the lower portion of the middle portion. Put clips making a bun around this. Take little amount of hair starting beside the pony, curl it, wrap it around the pony. Continue these making small sections of remaining portions. After completing one side start from the other side.

Low Hanging Side Bun

Bring hair into one single side and comb it well. Tie it very loose with a band.  Place your fingers creating the gap in the back from a little strand inside in the loose pony. Insert the hair of the tail in it from up to downwards. Repeat this with the whole hair several times until the hair becomes a bun in hanging position. Use bobby pins to its inner portion.

Elegant Sleek Bun

Make a low-level ponytail with a band. Make the pony hair into two sections, take one part into the upper level from behind the second section, surround it to the band, and keep a bobby pin to fit this. Take the second section, wrap it in the opposite side, and put a pin. Repeat the same with the opposite section and so on until the entire hair is made a bun surrounding one section to another.

Beachside Braided Style

Braided Style Hair Bun

Prepare a lower pony. Create a three-strand braid from top to bottom of the pony hair. Wrap the braid around the pony base. Use bobby pins in between the circles to make it secure.



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Christina Kriag February 11, 2019 - 5:59 am

I always wanted to make a bun, but got confused which one I should try. Thanks for sharing these bun hairstyles. All of them are very elegant and easy to make.

admin-lifebun February 13, 2019 - 11:50 am

I am glad you like them. Thanks

Christina April 17, 2019 - 6:32 am

I love the messy bun idea, it looks cool and elegant at same time. My hairs are not too long but I would like to try the braided hair bun style.

LifeBun April 17, 2019 - 6:35 am

Hey Christina, you can also try the side bun and an easy knot bun style if your hairs are not that long.


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