Appear Charming And Wonderful With 10 Lovely Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair

by Rachel

Long haired people are lucky to take the opportunity to decorate it with wide variety of hair styles. Formal type buns are easy to make and gives classical look. The women who wear bun hairstyle look lovely and become center of attraction both in parties and casual meetings. Some of the bun hair styles for longer hair are very special and attractive.

Horizontal Bun

horizontal bun

It looks very cozy and classy. This hairstyle is suitable for both parties and as a casual wear. First brush your hair thoroughly. Make a pony tail on the upper back using hair color band. Use hair spray for keeping hair accessible and glossy by teasing it. Pull the hair into the hair band making a donut. It sits on the band slightly. Make two parts of hair and wrap the hair of upper section around the donut made at the band. Repeat this with the lower section of hair. Wrapping the hair to the already created half bun completes the dressing. It looks like horizontal bun style which is awesome and convenient.

Messed College Look

Casual Bun Hairstyle

This is probable for casual wear and looks stylish. It is also done when the hairs are not washed too. Comb your hair well without any tangles. Take the hair to the top; means collect the hair at the top of crown. It is shown towards the front side on the face. Tie it with a band. Make two sections of tied hair. Take one section and roll it top to inner ward towards the band. Use bobby clips to place the rolled hair tightly. Take another section and roll it around the previously prepared inward roll. Put bobby clips for tightening. It looks like a mountain which offers a glamorous disposition.

Prom Look

Prom Look Bun Hairstyle

Prom Look Bun

This is very stylish for long hair and suitable for parties besides long ear rings. Comb your head and make a lower pony tie with a band. Distribute all the hairs and separate as different sections. Make braid from one portion of the hair mixing with opposite portion of hair. Turn it to make a bun nearer to the band. Repeat this until the whole long hair is braided around the hair band and tightened with complete braiding. It looks very classical and dignified.

Low Clipped Look

Low Clipped Look Bun Hairstyle

Low Clipped Look Bun Hairstyle

This hair style is comfortable for both parties and gatherings. It is easy to make and also gives casual look. Comb your hair without tangles. Take all the hair towards the back and make a lower pony tail. Separate the tied hair into three sections. Take a portion and roll it slightly towards the roots and pin it affirming to the head. Take it to the other direction and repeat this until the whole long hair is rolled and pinned thoroughly. Repeat with other two sections of hair.

Funny Look

This is the type of funky style which gives punkish look. It offers an awesome look where different sections are colored in multiple shades. Suitable attires, lips and eyes are covered with same colors. Make two portions of hair at the top. Take left portion and roll it loosely from the scalp. Making a bunch of the rolled hair take the tip and tie it to the bunch over the rolled hair.  Use bobby clips if wanted at the time of making the bunch. Take front right portion of hair do the same thing, but clipping the tips not seen from the front side of the face. It is rolled inward to the head and clipped tightly.

Rolled Glamorous

Rolled Glamorous hairbun

It offers a vintage look and glamorous effect. It looks awesome in parties if floral pins are used to dressing the bun. It can be worn in traditional parties and gatherings with party wear attires. Make a lower pony tail. Make so many sections of tied hair and roll each section from outward the hair at the left and right sides are loosely left and put with floral bobby pins for awesome look.

High Fashion Look

High Fashion Look Bun Hairstyle

High Fashion Look Bun

This hair style offers ramp look and awesome at parties.  This must be done with the help of sticks and other accessories at parlors. Hair from front portion is left aside. A donut bun is created at the lower head which looks like a wavy roll. The hairs are dressed inward out from center to the donut circle. Bringing the front side hair around the bun and to the opposite sides tightens the bun.

Low Pin Rolls Look

Low Pin Rolls Look Bun Hairstyle

Low Pin Rolls Look

In this hair style, a messy bun on the crown is created first by making hair look like spread. Remaining portions of hair surround by the crowned bun is rolled with the help of rollers and pinned. These are created around the bun and look awesome.

Casual Bun Look

casual bun

It is a trendy hair style and gives modern look which can be worn in parties. A messy haired bun is created at the top of the head with loosened hairs.

Messy Braids and wrap style

Messy Braids and Wrap Style Bun Hairstyle

Messy Braids and Wrap Style Hairstyle

This is wonderful in wearing marriage functions. In this hair style two sections are made from the front top to the ears in both sides. Take other backward section of hair and make a messy bun using a hair band and bobby pins. Then make braid with left portion of frontward section and take it around the bun and fit with pins. Repeat this with right side portions.



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