Why You Need To Choose A Lifestyle (And Not Just A Career)

by Vikram
Career Ideas

It’s always good to build your career as per your lifestyle, instead of taking up the lifestyle as per your career.

As far as we know, we just get one life to live on this earth. The moment you get this real fact to sink in since then you start to value every moment of your life. You are not in this world just to serve your boss in return to merely get food on your table and a shelter for yourself; instead, you are given this opportunity to live your life to the fullest.


You will come across people who are truly happy and satisfied with the life just because they have built their career as per their lifestyle and didn’t go vice versa. One should always teach this to their children from an early age because if they opt for this from the beginning it is easier to achieve. Your every choice decides where you will stand in the future. Although, it’s never too late, to live life your way, so you can start at any point in life.

If you opt for a job which is not your passion, then it ends up sucking all of your energy and passion for life. Thus, it makes you look like a zombie on autopilot. So, you should first choose a lifestyle and then look for a source to support your lifestyle. If you take up your passion as your job, then, in your complete life, not a single day would suck you up.

It’s imperative to remember that life is too short so make your choice carefully.

Well making a choice to live by your conviction comes at a cost. In every phase of your life, your decisions may impress, shock, amuse, disappoint or even challenge the people in your life. But it doesn’t mean you will not make a choice of your lifestyle. Someday you may stand as a name of encouragement for the people around you. It is very important to stand confidently by your choice to make your life endlessly happy.

In all this vulnerability you may become the target of scrutiny; most of the time it may come from people, who desire best for us. They may feel we are making a wrong choice for us. Perhaps from a career point of view, they may be right. But no one can take your conviction from you no matter what.

Today’s generation is up with questions which have not been asked for decades. You should not only work for financial stability besides also for value. Work not only for the success of your career instead works to satiate your soul.

Your choice of lifestyle defines how you desire to live. With whom you wish to connect, what is your passion and how you wish to pursue it? An intentional choice of lifestyle clearly indicates your conviction. So, now the decision is yours, whether you want to make a choice of lifestyle and look for a source to fulfill it or want to join a job and make your lifestyle according to it.

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Chris February 14, 2019 - 2:03 pm

In this ever evolving 21st century , it is important to focus not just on the career but also on the work life balance. This article is very effective for the people struggling to maintain lifestyle as well as career. Great work guys!!

Julie April 9, 2019 - 9:06 am

I agree, for getting success it is very important that we should love what we do. Turning our passion to career is a best way to achieve success.

LifeBun April 9, 2019 - 9:31 am

Hey Julie, absolutely right 🙂


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