Questions And Answers To Your Grooming Issues

by Rachel

If you are a guy and are worried about your looks or probably concerned about the blackheads or the moles on your face, this is the right place for you. Being aware of your personal hygiene and grooming is a habit that’ll do only good to your personality and nothing bad. Every person has a question related to their skin, hygiene and intimate health, and that’s exactly this blog will be looking at.

This is the blog where you’ll find many more questions that are related to your and personal grooming. They are indexed below.

Problem 1. How do I get rid of acne?


The most commonly asked question by the majority of men is that what are the probable solutions to acne and oily skin. This problem is faced by both men and women but men are more affected because their daily routine doesn’t allow them to take a lot of care of their skin.

 Solution 1. Acne, as it is referred by all is a skin problem that occurs because of the oil in the body. You’d notice that men with dry skin rarely face acne issues. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is what is recommended by dermatologists. However, there are home remedies to acne that help.

Problem 2. How to get rid of blackheads?

Black Heads

Another common problem known as comedones or blackheads by everyone is a result of skin oil with dead skin. They are otherwise not problematic but they form a hardened outer covering on the skin pore and as it grows, so does the pore. Ugly? It surely is!

Solution 2. You can definitely work on reducing the oil content in your body by doing a lot of things including using foam wash for your face that controls the oil content and definitely washing your face twice every day without fail. Use a gentle scrub that cleans your pores to remove the excessive oil and gives you a clear skin (sans black formations on the nose and chin).

Problem 3. How to prevent drying of skin?

Dry Skin

Where oily skin has created a ruckus for many, dry skin is no better for the others. Oily skin causes acne and other ailments but dry skin can cause a lot more trouble than that. For men who are athletic by nature and are on their feet for long hours, dryness is the main problem. How does that happen? Well, when you are active you sweat and once the sweat is dried, it leaves the skin even drier. The more increases when the dryness occurs in private areas. The manhood can suffer a lot because of the itchy and flaky skin.

Solution 3. Keeping yourself hydrated is one thing you can do in order to avoid the situation. Right pair of men’s underwear is definitely one of the solutions to the problems. Wearing a style such as a thong underwear or something that let’s air pass through yet keeps it moisturized. However, there are many other solutions to avoid dryness that you can read here.

Problem 4. How to avoid patchy beard?

Patchy Beard

This is one issue that is not properly answered when asked about. While some men are blessed to have a fuller and dense beard that looks absolutely stunning. They can get it trimmed the way they want to because it’ll grow back. However, there are men who face the problem of no-beard or patchy-beard. In this case, you’d find small patches of beard on the face while the rest is more like a field after the harvest- all clean.

Solution 4. Men with this problem have to start looking well into their diet and what they eat first. Eventually, multivitamins and doctor’s help will be able to fix this problem for you. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before you end up worsening the situation.

Problem 5. How to prevent bad breath?

Bad Breath

Just imagine that you are spending a romantic evening with your partner and the moment you lean towards her to kiss her and she holds her nose and makes an excuse to stay away from you. Ooh!! That will be an embarrassing moment for sure and you don’t want something like this to happen with you, would you?

Solution 5. Bad breath can certainly be a problem but that’s nothing to be worried about because it can be cured. Well, when at a date, you should groom to impress your partner. You can get rid of bad breath by practicing good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss once after brushing, see your dentist on regular intervals and also keep a track of what kind of food you eat because that is a major cause of bad breath.

Problem 6. Dandruff is irritating. How can you get rid of it?


Nobody likes dandruff – like nobody. Think about it that you’re wearing a solid black shirt (which is quite liked by the opposite sex) and when you casually run your fingers in your hair, that white dandruff falls like snow on the fabric. Well, that would be something very embarrassing again. Dandruff brings in not only embarrassment but also hair fall, hair loss, weak scalp and demotivated personality. But it is again curable.

Solution 6. So whether you have seasonal dandruff or a perennial dry scalp, you can permanently remove dandruff from your scalp by a few steps. Oiling your hair on a regular basis and using a few hair masks with ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Onions, Fenugreek seeds, Coconut oil and more. You can check out the different hair masks depending on your hair type in order to get rid of dandruff permanently.

Do you have any other grooming issues that we can solve? Do let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to share the same with our readers.




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