Declutter Your Home In 21 Days

by Alina Josephene
Declutter Home

It’s so easy to let clutter ruin the appearance of a home. It often builds up over time and we add a few things to the pile of clutter every day. This infographic from HappyCleans looks at how you can rid your home of clutter in just 21 short days. Let’s get going with week 1!

One area the graphic recommends to focus on is magazines and books. We often needlessly stockpile these when we never plan on reading or looking at them again. Most of the magazines can be recycled and the books will make for great donations to local charities. Why not give someone else a chance to enjoy the books you love?

Home DeclutteringIn week 2, entertainment is one area that you need to clean out. Again, people often needlessly keep old DVDs and CDs but with the advent of Netflix/Spotify, these are largely redundant. Peruse the full infographic now and get started on decluttering your home.

Infographic - Declutter Your Home

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