Ayurveda Treatment For Autism

by Rachel

Autism is also a tough neurobehavioral condition that choices impairment in social interaction, organic processes, languages and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behavior. Autism affects the number of young children and stays with them until the end. The set of symptoms varies with age of onset, severity and intellectual level. Onset is usually in the 1-2 year with failure to progress with age. Children with autism usually have difficulty in language, the arrangement of words and non-verbal communication and intellectual and cognitive deficit. Because of the wide range of the symptoms, this condition is now known as “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD). ASD ranges in severity from a handicap that somewhat limits on otherwise traditional life to a devastating incapacity that will need to associate institutional care.

Autism In ChildrenSome very basic behavior of children with autism includes-
  1. Have trouble understanding what other people think and feel which makes it very hard for them to express themselves.
  2. Children with ASD are very sensitive and may have trouble with certain sounds, smell, color, and touch.
  3. They have restrictive and repetitive behavior which makes them stand out from the crowd.
  4. Mental retardation is a gift in virtual seventy-fifth of unfit kids. Seizures may also be seen in about 25%

Investigations are usually not required for diagnosing autism. Childhood rating scales are used to evaluate suspected children.


Allopathy offers no treatment for autism. General medicines help to keep these symptoms suppressed for a certain period of time. Eventually, these symptoms do resurface back in the individual’s body.

Autism treatment in Ayurveda involves different techniques such as massages, herbal treatment, diet and lifestyle changes and counseling sessions with a patient when necessary.

Mahakalyanaka Ghritam1) ‘Mahakalyanaka Ghritam’, ‘Saraswat Aristham’, ‘Brahmi Ghritam’, ‘Brahmi Vati’ are some of the formulations often prescribed for mansika roga that is physiological and mental treatment.

2) Mahakalyanaka Ghritam is a ghee preparation with turmeric or tree turmeric or triphala used in the treatment of mind related issues.

3) For the treatment of autism, we first need to improve the digestive power of children. Hence, additional digestive support for the autistic children can be found in a variety of digestive herbs- ginger, black pepper, trikatu. Trikatu is a combination of ginger, black pepper and long pepper used to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and promotes absorption of essential nutrients.

Trikatu4) Manomitram tablets contain a combination of natural herbs whose efficacy of proven in improving memory, reducing anxiety, improving social behavior and learning skills.

5) Shankhpushpi (Clitoria Ternatia) helps to improve learning and memory in autistic children.

6) Ashvagandha is useful in treating memory loss, anxiety, attention deficit which are a very common feature seen in autistic children.

Ashvagandha7) Brahmi helps delay the forgetting process. Brahmi is used in the management of cognitive deficit, lack of memory, attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Other Therapies Include:
1) Daivayapashraya Chikitsa:

Which consists of psychological measures to get the desired effect of therapy if the condition doesn’t respond to the treatment. This consists of chanting of hymn, offerings, etc. All these practices act on a psychological level. As we know, faith is the part and parcel of psychology. This also helps in reducing hyperactivity and improvement in an area of attention, memory and motor skills.

2) Satvavajaya Chikitsa:

This includes behavior therapy which helps to control senses from harmful objects and controlling temper. This also provides awareness to parents regarding the nature of the disease and providing environmental modification for encouraging desired behavior.

Pind Sweda MassagePanchkarma therapies are used for detoxification:

1) Snehana (oleation therapy) with herbal oils like Chandan Bala lakshadi tailam.
2) Swedana (fomentation therapy)
3) Vamana (emesis therapy)
4) Virechana (purgation therapy)
5) Basti (medicated enema therapy)
6) Shirodhara
7) Nasyam
8) Pinda Sweda

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