6 Common Dental Problems You Should Never Ignore

by Rachel
Dental Care

Certain atypical things and discomforts you observe or encounter in your mouth are not only the symptoms of dental problems. They might arise due to diseases or other health issues. Dentists reveal that most diseases show their existence with symptoms or warning signs in the mouth. It is important to pay attention to those sign of illness in the mouth.

In this post, some common dental problems are explained but they are not inevitable as these signals are linked to serious problems occurring in the body.

Recurring Tooth Pain

Tooth PainToothache is a typical dental problem which occurs at times due to various reasons. In general, it goes on its own within one or two days. In contrast, if the pain in a tooth or more than one tooth persists for a long time and spread to different regions of the tooth, then it may be a serious concern.

Such chronic pain in the teeth might arise due to cavity which reaches the deep layers of the tooth. In such cases, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is required to save the infected tooth. Infections or Repair in the filling materials or other restorative materials like dental crowns also causes such acute pain in the tooth.

Abnormal appearance of gums

The Gums generally appear pink in color. Some external factors like smoking, medications influence the gum color. On the other hand, reddish gums, red spots in the gums or gum bleeding, swelling in the gums are quite uncommon. They are the signs which indicate that the gum tissues are infected with gum diseases like Gingivitis, Periodontitis which is caused by plaque and tartar build-up.

Apart from the oral bacteria, increased blood sugar levels (i.e.) Diabetes also make the gums appear dark red in color by thickening the blood vessels and reducing the nutrients supply to gum tissues.

Teeth WhiteningChange of color in the mouth

The white or grey colored patches in the mouth regions like lips, cheeks, the tongue also need immediate dental care. It is found that the patches appear because of the overgrowth of cells. Poor oral hygiene, broken tooth, ill-fitting dentures also cause such white or red patches which are mostly benign.

Such cell overgrowth condition is termed as leukoplakia which may be a sign of cancer.

Bad breath

The proliferation of oral bacteria inside the mouth exhibit a nasty smell from the mouth. Such unpleasant odor in the mouth alerts that the sufferer has dental problems like dry mouth or periodontal diseases.

Apart from the bacterial invasion and dental diseases, bad breath is caused by various underlying health issues like diabetes, digestive disorders, problems in lungs, sinus problems, etc which can be identified with the type of smell comes out from the mouth.

Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

Our teeth will become loose when they lost their bone support with the gums. Plaque builds up over the teeth will irritate the gums and cause gum infections like Gingivitis. When the infection becomes worse, it weakens the bone support of teeth and leads the teeth to fall out.

Similarly, people who have the habit of bruxism (teeth grinding) are highly vulnerable to the problem of loose teeth.

Pain in the mouth and Jaw

Jaw PainChronic pain in the mouth and jaw discomforts reveal that the joints in the jaw bone become loose. If this condition is not treated at the time, it will lead to serious conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).  Likewise, unidentified pain in the jaw is a symptom of stress, heart problems, and sinus infections.


Remember that the underlying health problems exhibit various physical disorders including oral issues. If any small dental discomfort like the above-mentioned ones, dry lips, mouth sores or other irritate you for a while, then you have to consult your Dentist. This will help you to diagnose the serious health risk hidden with the dental dispute.

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