100 Years Of Bauhaus Design (Infographic)

by Alina Josephene
Home Design

Bauhaus, a German term to literally mean “building house” was a German school founded in the city of Weimar back in 1919. While only operational until 1933, the teachings of Bauhaus still stand the test of time today and influence many areas of creativity but mostly we witness it in interiors, furniture, and architecture. This has manifested itself today where see huge swathes of popularity surrounding the likes of Scandi’ design, industrial themes, and designs with clean lines.

Interior DesignThe team at EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic below celebrating 100 years of this exciting design theory. The graphic tells the full Bauhaus story and details how it has become one of the most influential movements creatively for interiors, furniture, art, and architecture. Check out the full graphic below for more.

100 Years Of Bauhaus

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