10 Potential Summer Hazards For Horses

by LifeBun
Horse Riding

“Will is to grace

As the horse is to the rider”

Summertime for many of us is welcoming with more time with our horse riding and being with them under the sunny skies. But as it proceeds, the scorching and sizzling heat of the summers is what we and the animal dread the most. As much as the summer heat takes a toll on us it affects the species of this magnificent rider too. So, taking essential care of your horses during summer and protecting them from getting dehydrated is a must. But before that, we need to know some potential hazards which can distress your animal during the summer so that you can act upon it right at the time and safeguard the riders.


Here are some of the major hazards

Keep them cool

The internal system of a horse is quite capable of keeping it warmer than cool. Therefore, they can get better acquainted with winters than the summers. So, keeping its body temperature cooler is essential during the high heat.


Protect them from the pesky bugs

Warm weather is the most suitable time for the breeding period of bugs like mosquitoes which indirectly leads to the spread of their disease. Not only mosquitoes but flies, moths, and other insects can pester your horse in its stall or pasture which can increase their stress and lead them to lose their weight. This will not only make them irritated but can make your ride over them a hell lot difficult.

Horses Sunburn

Horses and Sunburn

As much as we are distressed with sunburn so are the horses. If you have a horse with a white coat it can get sunburns as well. Not only the coat but if the horse has a white noise or any other white marks under its hair, they can get sunburn too. These burns marks cause a lot of pain to them. Even some plants can also instigate sunburn on its skin. So, we can imagine how much pain they will suffer if we ride them with a saddle on their burnt marks.

Keep them hydrated

Horse Drinking Water

Water is very important to keep your horse hydrated. During the high heat when the horses are sweating profusely, we need to provide them cool and clean water to cool.

Is sweet itch quite sweet?

Horse Pasture

You all may be thinking what sweet itch is and if it is really sweet? Then you are wrong because it can make your horse quite uncomfortable. Sweet itch or summer itch is the allergic reaction to the bite of Culicoides midges leading to intense itching, which causes the animal to rub itself on objects causing bald patches, broken hair, and bleeding skin.

The stable with stable ventilation

Horse Stable

Healthy indoor air is very important for the sensitive lungs of your horses. Stable is where the horse stays and rests. So, keeping it cool on a hot summer day helps it to relax and lay comfortably. Good ventilation in a barn is crucial to keep it cool and airy.

Beware of Anhidrosis

Anhidrosis is a quite serious disease in horses. There is no cure for this but if managed properly the animal can sustain. The condition appears most frequently where temperatures and humidity stay high for lengthy periods. The horse’s sweat gland becomes over-stimulated and the stress glands may cause them to malfunction. The horse does not perform as well in hot weather and its respiration rate stays higher than normal after exercise.

Horse Summer Care

The summer weight loss

Usually, the horses to lose their weight in summers and this is due to the combination of heat and biting of the pesky insects leading to the rundown of their weight. Senior horses and those with the sensitive skins are more susceptible to heat and the insect bite. Thoroughbreds mostly suffer from this problem.

Take special care of your pastures

Horse Eating Grass

Summer is the most suitable time for the proper growth of pasture, but drought, heat and constant pounding of hooves can destroy it to a great level. So, try to maintain your pastures and keep the grass and soil as healthy as possible during the hottest days.

Transitioning them well from cold weather to hot

When the weather change occurs rapidly, we need to ensure that the horse’s transition from the cool days of winter to the hot and humid days of summer to cope up with the changing atmosphere.

These tips will help your horse to deal with the summer well and in exchange will make your ride merrier.

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